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The doctors can't explain it, but as far as I'm concerned, Susan not only showed me how to manage my chronic pain, she healed me of the cancer itself. (Susan says I did it.) Several years later her efforts changed a malignant tumor into a benign one. Again, the doctors can't explain it. Well, I know what I believe. I thank Susan for showing me the path to light and love ~* TH

Healing Hands


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A Place of Peace

 One of my clients' main reasons for seeing me is to learn to relax. It sounds funny, like everyone should know how to relax, but actually people need a little help. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, two-thirds of office visits to family doctors are prompted by stress-related symptoms. The effects of stress on health may be major and life-threatening, or merely annoying and inconvenient. There is little doubt, however, that stress is a significant problem in contemporary society.

From simple relaxation exercises, perhaps learning deeper meditation techniques to using hypnosis, I can help my clients achieve their desired level of relaxation. These techniques, once learned, can be practiced daily, resulting in a calmer more positive attitude at all times.
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A Place of Healing

 I have many tools for helping my clients with healing. Sometimes all that is needed is the relaxation explained above. Sometimes I use essential oils, both as inhaling and application to the body. I use what is called "energy work", which, simply put, is using the body's natural healing energy focused on a defined area and purpose. One of these applications called Therapeutic Touch is very helpful with issues that include chronic severe pain. Much relief can be accomplished in one session. Another application I use is called Compassionate Touch Therapy for the critically ill and dying. This is a very sensitive approach to energy work, and eases the client in mind body and spirit during the most stressful of times.

Hypnosis can be very useful for making healthy changes in your life. I have a very high success rate for smoking cessation, most clients only come for one hour session and they quit for good. My clients also appreciate how much better they feel after experiencing "emotional healing hypnosis" which helps get rid of "toxic feelings" and thinking patterns that keep you from being your best self.
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A Place of Power

 Personal empowerment is one of my favorite areas of my practice. I can facilitate your search for meaning in your life and help you make powerful changes. You can reach your goals in whatever area you feel needs improvement. By learning how to be your best self, you will make changes that create a whole new dimension of yourself. You can accomplish those dreams, those hopes and desires. They are within reach right now. When you were born you embarked on a sacred journey. A journey within yourself and beyond the limits of the senses. Your life has purpose and meaning. Your life is about discovering yourself. You already have everything you need to become the person you are meant to be. You are a multi-dimensional being : a physical body, an intelligent mind, and a feeling emotional person. You can live with faith, hope and love.

Susan Dancing Star, M.S.
Licensed Practical Nurse
Certified Hypnotherapist
Ordained Minister


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